Apr 24, 2017

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A Tribute to Susumu Hirasawa

Apr 14, 2017

mobydick alias moutchou ana li bghit - أنـا بغيت التغيير

Pour une fois que le rap Marocain arrive a resumer le Maroc et la situation sociale en 4min17.

Kudos lmoutchou

Apr 9, 2017

A Frenzy Playlist

Apr 6, 2017


For some time, I craved pet companionship and was about to give in on many occasions. Thankfully, on my xth visit to the petsco market, a staff told me about the foster care and volunteering at the Kansas Humane Society. The following week-end, I was there for training,  and I'm now a certified foster caregiver. Amongst the highlights of my short-term companions, there was this silly big dog, Marshall, an Akita Mix, 2yrs and one week old, 96lbs, very destructive, extremely energetic and by far the one that stayed the longest with me and was in constant need of attention and care. I also spent my Spring Break with him. He is adopted now :).

Ratchet was quick to come and go but was the cleverest by far. He found his forever home as well.

 Belle is currently my roommate. She was quarantined for a scratch, something I almost scoff at in here. I have my "In Morocco..." moments at such time. She is the sweetest girl and seems to love licking my hands when I'm typing. She will be up for adoption this Sunday and again, I'll have to say good-bye. Hopefully this time though, the next pet in need of foster will be available when I drop her.

One of the side projects I got to work on was a fanzine for the old-timer. He is 63 yrs old by April the first and going strong. Bless him.

One of the perks of fostering a dog is daily walks. With Marshall, walks had to be long, filled with sprinting and new places, in the hopes he will tire enough to just sleep and not destroy the apartment. I got to see more of my campus though, and was pleasantly surprised to discover these statues near the baseball stadium. To think this is my second semester and my ninth month in here and I'm still uncovering the university's grounds...Oh well, I'm not too surprised, being confined to few spots as I have been.

This is America: two huge screens for my own personal use because there are just so many around and those are cornered in an isolated non-popular spot. First time I get to follow two games at the same time. Being here with all the craze over sports, I grew an obsessive spot for soccer. I just hope the worse of the fever will be over soon and I get to resume my moderated watching pace. It grew to an extent where I am watching every minor league as of now while doing my homework or reading.

Verily, oddest habits get sharper or rustier in travels.

Apr 3, 2017