May 23, 2017

Salt Lake City

I was there for few days to attend an enrichment seminar. Some of the conferences were amazing and the city turned out to be gorgeous.
My sole complain is the time spent visiting the olympic winter parc: I get that it may be a big deal here but as I have no interest in winter sports, let alone winter olympics, even less 2002 winter olympics, I would have used that afternoon for visiting the city more and going around in hikes, given how the architecture and nature were mesmerizing but that we weren't given any free time in the mornings and two hours at best in the afternoon, that I spent resting and working on my thesis anyway.
Gosh, everytime I intend to make the best out of my next seminar and everytime, I have unexpected circumstances to tackle or new destinations to go.
But hey, I wasn't paying and I'm thankful for the opportunity all in all.
Most of our conferences took place in this building, within the university of Utah

Incredible Hiking spots, almost reminded me of Czech Republic hills

Overview on the university, a hike ten minutes away from the university

Temple Square

Gala diner, in Capitol of Utah

Opening diner, Natural History Museum

Fulbright Pack for the week

Hehe, to my left was my friend from Ecuador, we seemed like the asocial ones lacking in networking and always on our laptops and thesis. Good times XD

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, my first crush during that seminar

 Tom Chi, my other crush from this seminar

 My heels were starting to kill me by this time.


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