Jan 30, 2017

Is it just me or Entropy is gathering extensively?

Jan 27, 2017

Prends soin de toi trouve-toi beau, ca va aller

Jan 14, 2017

Note on future travels within the middle of the USA

-Check the BLOODY weather before anything.
-Keep in mind the BLOODY weather will jeopardize any carefully setup plans.
-Choose a timing that is at least five days, so that when you end up with emergencies, you'd still have two days out of the original five to do something.
-Do NOT grant services in the USA the stereotyped idea of American punctuality: it is far fetched from the truth.
-There seems to be only one main bus service: Greyhound. And they seem to enjoy the monopoly quite well.
-If you don't drive, you are at the mercy of pretty much anything.
-Trains are not that expensive for four hours trips and they are AMAZING.
-Again, the BLOODY WEATHER is not something you can plan ahead of two weeks. Make sure you can get refunded and have flexible plans B.
-Don't let the spoiled plans -however spoiled- get in the way of you hanging out in the city where you are stuck.
-Planes are bloody expensive and might suffer the same problems as well, though they take customers more seriously and care more than buses ones.

My three days trip to Arkansas was supposed to be the first tip I would make to explore surrounding states and meet friends.
I spent the whole Friday stuck in Kansas city and was back in Wichita by 4am because of the lack of options to go back and lack of many timetables to buses and trains.
In those moments, I do miss Morocco so bloody much.
But hey I got to make a friend and explore KC train station and ride on the train : they were all awesome things to experience.
Now I have to come up with a battle plan that won't dig up in my savings for Omaha Nebraska. I had to give up on reaching Fayetteville, AR but my silver lining was that I will get another opportunity.

Now Omaha's concert, the vip concert, the tight schedule, these don't always happen.

Jan 11, 2017

Vidra's Cover of Avatar Alone

I am at that sweet spot where I have time to organize my virtual files.
I'm at that sweet spot where I check my watch later list.
I'm at the sweetest of them : an exquisite Italian cover of Susumu Hirasawa's Avatar Alone by Vidra.

Thank you guys, it is brilliant tribute.

Sting is Back :)

It is so so good to hear you again sir, to see that you are coming back dear Mister :).

And Ibrahim Maalouf there as well...How much more did I miss this end of the year

Jan 9, 2017

The Crucible

Since the Crucible started playing at the Old Vic, I hoped to find a way to watch it. Finances and distance apart, there were talks of cameras in the shows and lately, an official announcement that Digital Theatre will launch a copy mastered by Yael Farber herself.

Now that I am in the U.S., I have the kind of account that can pay for such stuff with no problem.

Hail Armitage ! He definitely seems the one artist able to let me see a one-dimensional creation under multidimensional referential

Jan 8, 2017

قل له قل له ماذا عساي أفعل للزمان

Rendez-vous on Feb 3rd

Dear sir.

Omaha, Nebraska here I come

Jan 6, 2017

The Philosopher's Propeller