Feb 22, 2017

I fear him too Oh daughter Ghariba

Feb 11, 2017

An Ode To Motion

Of motion and flow, mechanics of boundaries and breathing, synchronicity and mastery of transience.

Man....If I can but have my fill of it, understand the flow to its core and have it within me forever

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Feb 8, 2017

My Bedtime Stories Now

Once upon a time, in 1802 to be exact,  the German scientist, E. F. F. Chladni (1756 1824) developed the method of placing sand on a vibrating plate to find its mode shapes and observed the beauty and intricacy of the modal patterns of the vibrating plates. 

In 1809 the French Academy invited Chladni to give a demonstration of his experiments. Napoléon Bonaparte, who attended the meeting, was so impressed he presented a sum of 3,000 francs to the academy, to be awarded to the first person to give a satisfactory mathematical theory of the vibration of plates. 

As the closing date of the competition in October 1811 approached, no brave candidate was showing up with attempts to conquer the physical reality with a mathematical model. Until only one candidate, Sophie Germain, entered the contest. But Lagrange, who was one of the judges, noticed an error in the derivation of her differential equation of motion so she was not granted the price. Regardless of her hard work, the model was incorrect and the examination was about results not efforts or process.

 The academy opened the competition again, with a new closing date of October 1813. Sophie Germain againwent through her model and entered the contest, presenting the correct form of the differential equation. However, the academy did not award the prize to her because the judges wanted physical justification of the assumptions made in her derivation. 

The competition was opened once more. In her third attempt, Sophie Germain was finally awarded the prize in 1815, although the judges were not completely satisfied with her theory. Sophie Germain took Napoléon's 3000 Francs and a valuable amount of knowledge and processing abilities.

And later, it was found that her differential equation was correct but the boundary conditions were erroneous. The correct boundary conditions for the vibration of plates were given in 1850 by G. R. Kirchhoff (1824 1887).

Feb 3, 2017

A praise of Energy Hunters

ポム ペン コン ジープンとして
さざ波に秘めたる秩序 ”回転”より感電を
へと換算する、普通のビジネスマン、主婦、 OL、
An audio file that praises hunters
From the solar system, Sawatdii khrap!
 As pom pen khon yiipun, myeong geum ill ha dae chwi ta!
As coming from the end of 100004900 km,
as an interpreter of solar photon,
Or sisters of chaos, chaotic ladylike gust of wind,
Or secret order of high waves and ripples,
As electric bringer from "rotation",
You are praised.
Shout, even urge fruit, twist, rotate, grip,
Transforming weak electricity to the ground rumbling of sympathy,
As an ordinary businessman, a housewife, a female office worker or an elementary school student etc,
You are praised.
Go as a hunter, don't say relief or preservation,
As an ordinary actor who breathe on the earth,
As a walker of the solar system who does not pollute own traces by poison.
Even if you are called crazy,
as long as the order  of the universe is your neighbor, you are praised,  moreover, you are beautifully praised.
Hunters are praised,
Energy hunters are praised!
 Translation by Tahara-san, thank you :)

Feb 2, 2017

Putain je l'adore

Feb 1, 2017


Und ich dachte, inmitten dieser Finsternis und in all meinem Verloren sein, nune wurde ich die Bedeutung der Liebe kennen, in Worten von Peixoto:

"Die Liebe ist das Blut der Sonne in der Sonne. Die tausendfach wiederkehrende Unschuld im ernsthaften Verlangen zu wunschen, der Himmel moge verstehen. Leichte und linde Sturme erheben sich im Sanften Atem der Liebe. Wie eine Pflanze, die durch die Erde bricht. Die Liebe ist das Sonnelicht, das die susse Stimme dieser Pflanze trinkt. Etwas, tief im Tiefen...Die Liebe ist der Sinn aller unmoglichen Worte. Die Liebe ist, das Innere eines Gebirges zu durchqueren, die Urstuden der Welt zu durchlaufen. Die Liebe ist der frische Frieden und Nahrung eines Feuers tief, tief, tief, tief im Inneren der Tage. Der Morgenhimmel, der wie ein Fluss dahingleitet. Die Nachmittagssonne als Gewissheit. Die Liebe entspringt der Fulle des Lichts und der Urkfrat von Felsen. Die Liebe entspringt dem Meer, den Wellen in der Weite des Ozeans und dem ewigen Sand. Die Liebe entspringt so vielen gegensatzlichen und wahren Dingen. Es entstehen Orte fur die Liebe, und in diesen himmelischen Garten bedeutet eine Brise, die sanft auf das Gesicht fallt, die Rettung..."

Ich dachte wirklich da, so wirklich, da, inmitten dieser Finsternis und in all meinem Verloren sein, und so erhoffte sich die Hoffnung wieder.