Mar 15, 2018

Gorgeous Walk in emotions

Every frame a painting
The richness of the feelings depicted is overwhelming
Please keep up the art, it drowns me.

Mar 13, 2018

Kyusai No Giho

1. Town-0 Phase-5 0:00
5. The Man from Narcissus Space ( ナーシサス次元から来た人) 21:19 
6. Strange Night of the Omnificence (万象の奇夜) 27:43 
7. Mother 34:39 
8. Bridge Builder (橋大工) 39:17 
9.TECHNIQUE OF RELIEF (救済の技法) 44:45 
10. World Cell 49:19

Mar 5, 2018

Je vois ca et je pense a toi

En passant Nath's, ils lancent cet ad avant chaque seance cine, et a chaque fois ca me fait penser a toi :)

Et ca aussi XD, mais bon c'est pas aussi poetique:

C'est une video SNL, un sketch sur l'equipe hetero prevue pour les jeux olympiques de la Russie.


What people won't do for "a little bit of anything" ey Margo.

I remember watching this when it came out and confusing Frances with one of my childhood friends' mothers. I also remember how I didn't see her as an actress in other movies. This lady disappeared to my sight. There were characters I saw, not an actor.

Only after discovering Tilda Swinton and resonating with her art, did I finally understand how brilliant Frances is. Burn After Reading is the first movie I watched where I fully realize who she is and what she is playing.

That was a great win. Yo go Frances. Now, Billboards are outside of many places and tragedies.

Mar 3, 2018