Mar 18, 2018

Thank you Megan

Just when I was coming out of the worst toothache I ever had, pondering if the poetic words of Arthur over "Je est un autre" truly agreed with the sardonic political body -l'animal social- of Nietzche, wondering why these exact lines resonated with Bob Dylan and how do they even fit with  Bronte's early poetry, I get this:

The Prisoner held me by the throat while Sensations softened my heart. And the PSP with FF VII Crisis Core made laugh so hard my jaw needed another round of narcotics. Gosh how good it feels to cry out of joy.

Oh Megan, I couldn't have been more grateful for initiating a conversation with a stranger at a Final Fantasy concert. of Omaha, I may still recall the frustrating taste of bad trip and bad company and logistics, but they are all fading memories and eventually they will decay into oblivion, compared to the sweet remembrance of you, that night, and Master Arnie. Chicago brought me more time with you. I hope we will meet again in the future, I hope I will get to spend as much time as I want and need with you, I hope you will be well and kind to yourself until then. Thank you for the early graduation memento :), I hope I'll honor the beautiful feelings your friendship instills in me.

You can't go wrong with a fellow Final Fantasy VII Fanatic, oh no!

Gosh thank you thank you thank you.

Pis bon, comment penser a Arthur Rimbaud sans penser a son grand fan Corto Maltese? Et comment penser a Corto Maltese sans penser a Bouche Doree?
Ces narcotiques americains rendent les danses de mes abeilles plus chaotiques.

Mar 15, 2018

Gorgeous Walk in emotions

Every frame a painting
The richness of the feelings depicted is overwhelming
Please keep up the art, it drowns me.

Mar 13, 2018

Kyusai No Giho

1. Town-0 Phase-5 0:00
5. The Man from Narcissus Space ( ナーシサス次元から来た人) 21:19 
6. Strange Night of the Omnificence (万象の奇夜) 27:43 
7. Mother 34:39 
8. Bridge Builder (橋大工) 39:17 
9.TECHNIQUE OF RELIEF (救済の技法) 44:45 
10. World Cell 49:19

Mar 5, 2018

Je vois ca et je pense a toi

En passant Nath's, ils lancent cet ad avant chaque seance cine, et a chaque fois ca me fait penser a toi :)

Et ca aussi XD, mais bon c'est pas aussi poetique:

C'est une video SNL, un sketch sur l'equipe hetero prevue pour les jeux olympiques de la Russie.


What people won't do for "a little bit of anything" ey Margo.

I remember watching this when it came out and confusing Frances with one of my childhood friends' mothers. I also remember how I didn't see her as an actress in other movies. This lady disappeared to my sight. There were characters I saw, not an actor.

Only after discovering Tilda Swinton and resonating with her art, did I finally understand how brilliant Frances is. Burn After Reading is the first movie I watched where I fully realize who she is and what she is playing.

That was a great win. Yo go Frances. Now, Billboards are outside of many places and tragedies.