May 15, 2017

Die Gustloff

Die Wilhelm Gustloff war ein Kreuzfahrtschiff der nationalsozialistischen Organisation Kraft durch Freude (KdF), das im Zweiten Weltkrieg als Lazarettschiff, Truppentransporter und Wohnschiff der Kriegsmarine eingesetzt wurde. Bei ihrer Versenkung durch das sowjetische U-Boot S-13 vor der Küste Pommerns am 30. Januar 1945 kamen möglicherweise mehr als 9.000 Menschen ums Leben. Ihr Untergang gehört damit zu den verlustreichsten Katastrophen in der Geschichte der Seefahrt.
So schlampig wie menschliches Ego und Gier und Interesse und Chaos, Das wird Krieg sein wird.

Apr 24, 2017

Vidra Avatar Alone

A Tribute to Susumu Hirasawa

Apr 14, 2017

mobydick alias moutchou ana li bghit - أنـا بغيت التغيير

Pour une fois que le rap Marocain arrive a resumer le Maroc et la situation sociale en 4min17.

Kudos lmoutchou

Apr 9, 2017

A Frenzy Playlist

Apr 6, 2017


For some time, I craved pet companionship and was about to give in on many occasions. Thankfully, on my xth visit to the petsco market, a staff told me about the foster care and volunteering at the Kansas Humane Society. The following week-end, I was there for training,  and I'm now a certified foster caregiver. Amongst the highlights of my short-term companions, there was this silly big dog, Marshall, an Akita Mix, 2yrs and one week old, 96lbs, very destructive, extremely energetic and by far the one that stayed the longest with me and was in constant need of attention and care. I also spent my Spring Break with him. He is adopted now :).

Ratchet was quick to come and go but was the cleverest by far. He found his forever home as well.

 Belle is currently my roommate. She was quarantined for a scratch, something I almost scoff at in here. I have my "In Morocco..." moments at such time. She is the sweetest girl and seems to love licking my hands when I'm typing. She will be up for adoption this Sunday and again, I'll have to say good-bye. Hopefully this time though, the next pet in need of foster will be available when I drop her.

One of the side projects I got to work on was a fanzine for the old-timer. He is 63 yrs old by April the first and going strong. Bless him.

One of the perks of fostering a dog is daily walks. With Marshall, walks had to be long, filled with sprinting and new places, in the hopes he will tire enough to just sleep and not destroy the apartment. I got to see more of my campus though, and was pleasantly surprised to discover these statues near the baseball stadium. To think this is my second semester and my ninth month in here and I'm still uncovering the university's grounds...Oh well, I'm not too surprised, being confined to few spots as I have been.

This is America: two huge screens for my own personal use because there are just so many around and those are cornered in an isolated non-popular spot. First time I get to follow two games at the same time. Being here with all the craze over sports, I grew an obsessive spot for soccer. I just hope the worse of the fever will be over soon and I get to resume my moderated watching pace. It grew to an extent where I am watching every minor league as of now while doing my homework or reading.

Verily, oddest habits get sharper or rustier in travels.

Apr 3, 2017


Mar 9, 2017

Comes with looking too much into vibration

God damn it, why can't I do thesis on everything I want and learn everything I want?

I guess I can do that to my heart content if I really want to. I just have to at some point or I'll run crazy.

In high school, through philosophy I fell hard for mechanics. I got into mechanical engineering because of my continued passion for motion. Then, due to the nature of my work, it was motion as in dynamics and kinetics, and motion as in statics and matter.

When I was applying for the Fulbright, it was my drive to dive into the concepts of motions and advance in the theoretical aspect of presenting it that gave the general tone to what I aimed to study.On the other hand, my projects spoke extensively of a yearning for continuum mechanics and more insight on matter and the new technologies of process.

I ended up in the USA with micromechanics as a main driver. I was glad on the scientific scale.

This semester however, I am taking Vibration. I studied that material in preparatory classes, then in engineering school, but didn't use it very extensively in my work and I forgot how electrified it made me. But now I remember.

I look at my advisor and microstructures and fractals on one hand, and look at Vibration and motion and fundamentals in the other, and cuss and whine over the crappiness of being a monotasker, over having one heart and one life and over the several commitments I am already in.

So, I'm left with moments where I go through similar materials and hope one day, I will be at that sweet spot in my head where I will just read what I want to read without whining about it and looking into priorities and whatnot.

On the other hand, I'm in a writing frenzy and I am slowly catching up on movies. By far, excellent surprises.

Good come back of M. Night Shyamalan, glad to see you back sir!

Excellent and difficult to label, but all I know is:

-First time I ever attend a movie session where people scream and shout and interact this much with the movie's events.
-I managed to have goosebumps and laughs at the same time.
-I also had a 'fuuuuuuuuuck' moment and felt so bad only to start laughing hysterically at the very next moment.

Not Ghost In The Shell mind-fuck material but delightful and entertaining time in the movies.

Mar 4, 2017

Dancer in the Dark

I remembered the content of my first Lars Von Trier. But I didn't know the director by then.
I just remember that it was the first foreign movie that ever made my mother cry and that I felt deeply about.
I found it playing on the background of my studies amidst Fourier and writing.
Damn, the feels

Mar 3, 2017

That Limbo mood

Feb 23, 2017

I fear him too Oh daughter Ghariba

Feb 11, 2017

An Ode To Motion

Of motion and flow, mechanics of boundaries and breathing, synchronicity and mastery of transience.

Man....If I can but have my fill of it, understand the flow to its core and have it within me forever

Thanks for Sharing Nath's

Feb 8, 2017

My Bedtime Stories Now

Once upon a time, in 1802 to be exact,  the German scientist, E. F. F. Chladni (1756 1824) developed the method of placing sand on a vibrating plate to find its mode shapes and observed the beauty and intricacy of the modal patterns of the vibrating plates. 

In 1809 the French Academy invited Chladni to give a demonstration of his experiments. Napoléon Bonaparte, who attended the meeting, was so impressed he presented a sum of 3,000 francs to the academy, to be awarded to the first person to give a satisfactory mathematical theory of the vibration of plates. 

As the closing date of the competition in October 1811 approached, no brave candidate was showing up with attempts to conquer the physical reality with a mathematical model. Until only one candidate, Sophie Germain, entered the contest. But Lagrange, who was one of the judges, noticed an error in the derivation of her differential equation of motion so she was not granted the price. Regardless of her hard work, the model was incorrect and the examination was about results not efforts or process.

 The academy opened the competition again, with a new closing date of October 1813. Sophie Germain againwent through her model and entered the contest, presenting the correct form of the differential equation. However, the academy did not award the prize to her because the judges wanted physical justification of the assumptions made in her derivation. 

The competition was opened once more. In her third attempt, Sophie Germain was finally awarded the prize in 1815, although the judges were not completely satisfied with her theory. Sophie Germain took Napoléon's 3000 Francs and a valuable amount of knowledge and processing abilities.

And later, it was found that her differential equation was correct but the boundary conditions were erroneous. The correct boundary conditions for the vibration of plates were given in 1850 by G. R. Kirchhoff (1824 1887).

Feb 3, 2017

A praise of Energy Hunters

ポム ペン コン ジープンとして
さざ波に秘めたる秩序 ”回転”より感電を
へと換算する、普通のビジネスマン、主婦、 OL、
An audio file that praises hunters
From the solar system, Sawatdii khrap!
 As pom pen khon yiipun, myeong geum ill ha dae chwi ta!
As coming from the end of 100004900 km,
as an interpreter of solar photon,
Or sisters of chaos, chaotic ladylike gust of wind,
Or secret order of high waves and ripples,
As electric bringer from "rotation",
You are praised.
Shout, even urge fruit, twist, rotate, grip,
Transforming weak electricity to the ground rumbling of sympathy,
As an ordinary businessman, a housewife, a female office worker or an elementary school student etc,
You are praised.
Go as a hunter, don't say relief or preservation,
As an ordinary actor who breathe on the earth,
As a walker of the solar system who does not pollute own traces by poison.
Even if you are called crazy,
as long as the order  of the universe is your neighbor, you are praised,  moreover, you are beautifully praised.
Hunters are praised,
Energy hunters are praised!
 Translation by Tahara-san, thank you :)

Putain je l'adore

Feb 2, 2017


Und ich dachte, inmitten dieser Finsternis und in all meinem Verloren sein, nune wurde ich die Bedeutung der Liebe kennen, in Worten von Peixoto:

"Die Liebe ist das Blut der Sonne in der Sonne. Die tausendfach wiederkehrende Unschuld im ernsthaften Verlangen zu wunschen, der Himmel moge verstehen. Leichte und linde Sturme erheben sich im Sanften Atem der Liebe. Wie eine Pflanze, die durch die Erde bricht. Die Liebe ist das Sonnelicht, das die susse Stimme dieser Pflanze trinkt. Etwas, tief im Tiefen...Die Liebe ist der Sinn aller unmoglichen Worte. Die Liebe ist, das Innere eines Gebirges zu durchqueren, die Urstuden der Welt zu durchlaufen. Die Liebe ist der frische Frieden und Nahrung eines Feuers tief, tief, tief, tief im Inneren der Tage. Der Morgenhimmel, der wie ein Fluss dahingleitet. Die Nachmittagssonne als Gewissheit. Die Liebe entspringt der Fulle des Lichts und der Urkfrat von Felsen. Die Liebe entspringt dem Meer, den Wellen in der Weite des Ozeans und dem ewigen Sand. Die Liebe entspringt so vielen gegensatzlichen und wahren Dingen. Es entstehen Orte fur die Liebe, und in diesen himmelischen Garten bedeutet eine Brise, die sanft auf das Gesicht fallt, die Rettung..."

Ich dachte wirklich da, so wirklich, da, inmitten dieser Finsternis und in all meinem Verloren sein, und so erhoffte sich die Hoffnung wieder.

Jan 30, 2017

Is it just me or Entropy is gathering extensively?

Jan 28, 2017

Prends soin de toi trouve-toi beau, ca va aller

Jan 15, 2017

Note on future travels within the middle of the USA

-Check the BLOODY weather before anything.
-Keep in mind the BLOODY weather will jeopardize any carefully setup plans.
-Choose a timing that is at least five days, so that when you end up with emergencies, you'd still have two days out of the original five to do something.
-Do NOT grant services in the USA the stereotyped idea of American punctuality: it is far fetched from the truth.
-There seems to be only one main bus service: Greyhound. And they seem to enjoy the monopoly quite well.
-If you don't drive, you are at the mercy of pretty much anything.
-Trains are not that expensive for four hours trips and they are AMAZING.
-Again, the BLOODY WEATHER is not something you can plan ahead of two weeks. Make sure you can get refunded and have flexible plans B.
-Don't let the spoiled plans -however spoiled- get in the way of you hanging out in the city where you are stuck.
-Planes are bloody expensive and might suffer the same problems as well, though they take customers more seriously and care more than buses ones.

My three days trip to Arkansas was supposed to be the first tip I would make to explore surrounding states and meet friends.
I spent the whole Friday stuck in Kansas city and was back in Wichita by 4am because of the lack of options to go back and lack of many timetables to buses and trains.
In those moments, I do miss Morocco so bloody much.
But hey I got to make a friend and explore KC train station and ride on the train : they were all awesome things to experience.
Now I have to come up with a battle plan that won't dig up in my savings for Omaha Nebraska. I had to give up on reaching Fayetteville, AR but my silver lining was that I will get another opportunity.

Now Omaha's concert, the vip concert, the tight schedule, these don't always happen.

Jan 12, 2017

Vidra's Cover of Avatar Alone

I am at that sweet spot where I have time to organize my virtual files.
I'm at that sweet spot where I check my watch later list.
I'm at the sweetest of them : an exquisite Italian cover of Susumu Hirasawa's Avatar Alone by Vidra.

Thank you guys, it is brilliant tribute.

Jan 11, 2017

Sting is Back :)

It is so so good to hear you again sir, to see that you are coming back dear Mister :).

And Ibrahim Maalouf there as well...How much more did I miss this end of the year